When your home experiences a fire, there are so many thoughts racing through your mind as a homeowner. Typically, many homeowners don’t think about what they’ll need to do in terms of water damage to their home after a fire—it’s not even something many know is a possibility. When you think of a fire in your home, you think of soot, ash, smoke (which Rapid Dry can help with, too,) but homeowners don’t usually think of the water damage caused by putting out the fire..

Why Your Home or Business May Experience Water Damage After a Fire

When your home or business experiences a fire, whether it’s a sprinkler system dumping up to 24 gallons of water a minute to reduce the flames or a firefighter hosing down your property—water is needed to put out the fire. Then, that water seeps into cracks, crevices, and damaged areas of the property where it hides and grows mold, unless it’s effectively dried out after the fire damage has been assessed and cleared for restoration.

Water Damage to Assess After a Fire

After a fire, you’re going to want to have a certified professional contractor like Rapid Dry take a look at the water damage and lead you on the road to recovery. Here are a few water damage situations you’ll want to assess and take care of after a fire:

  • Check Furniture – You’ll want to remove furniture that has been soaked through with no hope of drying out.
  • Inspect Structures, Drywall & Ceilings – Every inch of the home should be examined for weaknesses after the fire and water has engulfed them. They could pose a potential safety risk that needs to be remedied. If anything seems moist, you’ll also want dry-out services to prevent mold damage.
  • Mold Damage – Whether it’s under the floor boards or in cracks in the walls caused by the fire, water that has been left can start growing mold in less than 24 hours, which can be harmful to your home and your family’s health.

These are just the top things you’ll want to check after a fire, and the Rapid Dry team can help you determine what else you need in terms of services to help you recover.

Call Rapid Dry When Your Family Experiences a Fire in Tampa Bay, FL

Our priority is taking care of our community when they are in need. A home or business fire is already a stressful situation. Bring in the pros from Rapid Dry to help advise you on next steps and ensure your residence or business is safe for all. We’re available 24/7 for emergency response to fires, water damage, and more. Never hesitate to call us at (727) 265-3353 and we’ll be there for you in an hour or less.