Rapid Dry technicians are experts in fully and completely handling water flooding and the problems that can arise as a result of water in the home.

Each of our services is performed only by certified technicians who know precisely how to achieve results.

Any company can claim to perform dry outs. The visible evidence of water or sewage flooding can be removed on a surface level by anyone with a few fans and basic tools.

The problem with this approach is that water often quickly finds its way into areas where it remains unseen. This unseen water then continues to damage your home and create health problems for your family.

Only a certified technician applying exact scientific standards and precision tools can ensure that all the water has been removed so that it will not create hidden problems down the road.

To illustrate the importance of complete water removal, think about the last time you visited a body of water. Did you or your child grab any sticks out of the water that had been there for some time? How was the quality of the wood? Would you want to build a home out of it?

Any organic or porous material will absorb water. The humidity of the Tampa environment ensures that this water does not evaporate quickly, if at all. This water then acts over time to degrade the material, and can become a fertile environment for mold and bacterial growth – even if the spill is only tap water, not to mention sewage.

You’ve invested your life to ensure that your family has a safe home. Don’t let water damage ruin this investment. Rely on a professional team to ensure that any water flooding in your home is 100% addressed.

Call Rapid Dry today to protect your investment.