The Best Odor Eliminator 

Are you embarrassed to have guests at your house because of odors that won’t go away?  Do you clean for hours trying to get out stubborn odors that are embedded into furniture and carpets? This is not your fault. Odors that don’t resolve with cleaning have root causes that extend beyond the reach of ordinary solutions available to consumers.

Odors from smoking, cooking, pets, mold or mildew are all safely eliminated with our green technology which also eradicates biological pollutants, dust mites, allergens, and volatile organic compounds without chemical residues left behind.


Odors in a home or condominium can come from either chemical or biological sources and are very difficult to eliminate. Most odor-causing compounds such as skatoles, indoles, dimethyl disulfide, amines, and ammonia do not respond to ordinary consumer-grade cleaning materials. Because these molecules are often hidden, standard cleaning methods and chemicals are incapable of neutralizing them, and so the odors persist.

Many times, property owners out of frustration end up tearing out and replacing parts of a structure because they feel there is just no other way to handle these odors.


Rapid Dry technicians are specialist trained to remove odors from a home, using state-of-the-art equipment.

Much like water removal, odor removal is a specialist activity that requires training to isolate the root cause of the odors and address them.

By applying these methods, your home will become fresh and new again – providing a safe and comfortable environment for your family and guests – at a fraction of the cost of more drastic measures such as replacement of flooring and walls.

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